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1950 Union Oil postcard checklist

 The Union Oil Company issued 213 in 1950 with 101 new views and 112 reprints from past years. They were not numbered and no copyright year was printed on the cards. Some have identical backs as the 1948 and some have new backs. See 1948 for the repeat backs and the following codes to help identify the cards. The cards with the 1948 back are a repeat view and are printed with more clarity in the pictures.

NV - Old view with new back-48 view

NB - New Back with old view-prior 1948

OV - old view with old back

OB - Old back with new view

H - Horizontal V - Vertical

Numbers after code letters indicate year reprinted from

This 1050 series can be identified by observing the logo as shown at the side & stampbox

NOTE: Those with an "*" indicates that the "Made in U.S.A." is a little to the left of the 76 Logo

NOTICE: This Reference list for Union Oil 76 backs is for individual personal use only-Use & Reproduction (Including scans) of this listing for business purposes will require Walt's written permission. Links to this page will also require Walt's Permission. He can be reached at ""

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