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Newman Postcard Company - Postcard Checklist

This Checklist is a work in progress and will take time to complete N/A = Not Available


NOTICE: This Reference list for NEWMAN Postcard Company/OSCAR NEWMAN is for individual use "ONLY" 

Use & Reproduction(Including scans) for business purposes, or links will require Walt's written permission. He can be reached at

If you have any information / corrections to this checklist, please contact Walt. 



How to use the Newman Postcard Checklist

Scans of all Known Newman Postcard Company Postcard backs Also O. Newman backs

Newman Postcard Company Biography, Includes Oscar Newman

" A " TO " Z " ????? Numbers ??????and  No Numbers Postcard Section Index

NUMBERED ONLY Postcards Index

NO NUMBERS or A-Z Postcards Index

Suggested Codes for keeping inventory

Master Codes & Definitions

Other Publishers Associated with Newman

CREDITS for all Helpers



Copyright Walter Kransky 1989 - 2021

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