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Postcard Checklists (This page is being built )

Walter Kransky has generously agreed to share his checklists of various postcard types. He has been collecting postcards and other paper for over 40 years and has spent time to pull these lists together. The following are a number of checklists for various publishers and signed artists. 

NOTICE: The checklists are for individual personal use only - Use & Reproduction (Including scans) of this listing for business purposes require Walt's written permission. Links to this page will also require Walt's Permission. You can contact him at

Artist Checklists

Hal Empie - Western Card  Checklist                 Artist published many kinds of views, including animals, Highly collected by many collectors.

Edw. H. Mitchell Checklist

Edw. H. Mitchell Postcards Back Designs

John Innes Checklist

Publisher Checklists

NEWMAN Post Card Company Checklist

NEWMAN Post Card Co. Back Designs

AMISH Checklist (Pennsylvania)​

ROTOGRAPH Postcards - Publisher


Charles Weidner

Calif. HALLOWEEN Modern PostCards by: Torretta checklist and for sale

F. W. MARTIN   Checklist of Hand Painted Landscapes 

Bob Petley 1  of 2 checklist

Bob Petley 2 of 2 checklist

Union Oil 1939 - 1955 checklist

Topic Checklists

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