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Union Oil 1939 Checklist

This was the first year for the Union Oil 76 cards. The cards were undersized, 3-1/4in. X 5-1/2in. and each view has it's number located in the upper left-hand corner. These cards were handed out free at the Union Oil 76 Gas stations during these years. Many vacationers / collectors found them fun and easy to collect. Many can still be found in the less expensive boxes at Postcards Shows, etc.. It's the fun of the hunt! There were 89 cards issued in 1939, which are numbered 1 thru 84. One card, issued of Sutter's Fort was numbered 72a. There were four cards that are unnumbered. Note: "*" denotes cards also exist without divider line. There were also (28) 1939(1-12) 1940 (13-28) Canadian Union 76 cards published and are listed below. (Help is invited to complete the listing of the Canadian cards.)  This series can be identified by observing the lower left hand corner as shown below. 


This Reference list for Union Oil 76 postcards is for individual personal use only - Use & Reproduction (Including scans) of this listing for business purposes will require Walt's written permission. Links to this page will also require Walt's Permission. Contact Walt: at

Canadian Union Oil example

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